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2017 Mains Test Series

  • Total no of tests=12
  • Fee = 6000(inclusive of taxes)
  • Test would be uploaded in the form of pdf.
  • Student will require to download the PDF and get its printout.
  • Student will have to write answer in the space given.
  • Model answers will be provided.
  • Test have to be mailed in the form of scanned copies at brainykey@gmail.com
  • Feedback would be given in the three working days.
  • Student can discuss test via mail too.
  • One video session on skype would be allowed.
  • Video class will be provided for every test.


10th september 2016G.S mains paper 4
25th september 2016World History
5th october 2016Economy + current affairs related to eco
20th october 2016Culture+ geography+ current affairs
15th november 2016International relations
10th december 2016G.S paper 4
15th january 2017polity
30th january 2017Social issues
15th february 2017sc/tech
15th july 2017G.S Mains paper 1
25th july 2017 G.S Mains Paper 2
5th august 2017G.S Mains Paper 3
20th august 2017G.S Mains paper 4